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"‘You Make Me Want To Break Things" - JOSHUA | Review

JOSHUA is a rising star out of Australia that brings a new twist to dark pop.

"You Make Me Want To Break Things" feels like a cathartic release of emotions. Taking anger and frustration and turning it into art. It is really impressive to hear this blend of electro pop and a more dark emo undertone. It is a catchy and infectious song that is perfect for when you are at your wits end.

The song focuses on dealing with anger in a healthy way when being manipulated by toxic people.

“Anger is a legitimate emotional response but the ways we

express it, especially men, can be highly toxic and damaging

to ourselves and those around us. So, instead of breaking things,

I wrote this song.” - JOSHUA

Hailing from the west-coast town of Mandurah, the art-teacher-turned-songwriter

follows in the footsteps of Lorde, Thomston and CXLOE, using songwriting to

process and distil his emotional landscape.

JOSHUA has worked with MSQUARED (Casey Barnes, MOBS), Cam Nacson

(Samantha Jade, CXLOE), Janeva Burrill (Glades, Alex Newell) and Rahel

Phillips (Ruel, Billy Davis) to craft a musical identity all his own, one that imbues

his songs with cinematic imagery and unconventional rhymes, taking his listeners

on a dynamic adventure.

2021 saw JOSHUA release his debut EP, Albany, which garnered media coverage

from The Music, Auspop, AAA Backstage and Buzz Magazine. The EP explores

JOSHUA’s own experiences with mental health, love (or the lack thereof) and

toxic relationships.

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