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"One More Night" - Tessa Dalton |Review

Tessa Dalton “One More Night” has become my heartbreak song of the week.

19 year old singer songwriter Tessa Dalton upcoming single titled “ One More Night” explains all the feels of just wanting one more chance to explain things and maybe it will be all different.Her extraordinary talent is highlighted in this record as once it starts you have a need to instantly take a step back and sit down. Emotions piled in as this song played in my ears. Tessa's voice feels so nostalgic and strong. Tessa Dalton already won my heart with this single. She explains such a common feeling of heartbreak with her beautiful warm voice to accompany her somber lyrics. This has instantly moved into my “ rubbing salt into the wound “ playlist. A playlist filled with songs that just add onto the pain and the soreness of a fresh heartbreak.

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Apr 24

Thank you so much for the review!!

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