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-Mathew V

"Unheard Gems gave a prepared and awesome interview. really did their research and made me feel super comfortable. they really understood the music and have amazing taste!"

-Brandon Ben

"Working with Unheard Gems was awesome! I love the concept as it can be tough to start out as a new artist. They were nothing but nice, timely, and professional. 

Heather Jayne

‘I recently did an interview with Unheard Gems which was great. Despite the nature of the interview being through FaceTime, it felt very relaxed and comfortable, whilst also feeling professional. Hannah asked some really good question and overall, was a great interviewer. I would definitely work with Unheard Gems in the future!’

-Sammi Constantine

"Unheard Gems has shown me so much incredible support and the girls behind the cause are beautiful!! We need more of you guys!"


"My interview with unheard gems was amazing! They really took the time to get to know me and I appreciate all the support they've given me. I'm excited to watch them grow!"


“My experience with unheard gems was one of the best interviews I think I’ve ever had as an artist. Hannah connects with you from such a genuine and real place as both a fan and a lover of music. I felt as I was able to dive really deep and personal as a result. Her support has meant the world to me and I envision big things to come for her and the site!”

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