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“Run Away From The Party” - Izra Fitch | Review

Izra Fitch sparks an alt-pop revolution with "Run Away From The Party"

With an upbeat synth-pop feel tinged with the same euphoric energy as acts like MUNA and Beabadobee, Izra Fitch's latest single "Run Away From The Party" is the pavement-pounding summer anthem you've been craving. For fans of Lorde's dancefloor-ready "Green Light," this new track sees the queer pop artist introducing her alt-pop revolution in full force.

Fitch pulls from her own reality and delusions to produce high-emotion music with intense visuals that she's become known for. Heavily influenced by film, she takes deeply personal moments and sets them to deliriously daring pop soundtracks.

Equated to the likes of Charli XCX, Lorde, and Florence Welch, Fitch is crafting fresh, cutting-edge alternative music. On "Run Away From The Party," she harnesses her vocal prowess and production skills precisely to capture the invigorating spirit of leaving it all behind. This new single sets an exhilarating new stride for Izra Fitch as she fiercely captures this moment of wanting to just run away from it all through her alt-pop lens.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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