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"You Belong" Fly By Midnight | Review

Three days after releasing their album “Rerunning,” Fly By Midnight have released the music video for their lead single “You Belong.” The New York based pop duo has attracted much buzz over the past year because of their uplifting retro-pop sound and high-quality songwriting, and “You Belong” is no exception.

Fly by Midnight was first formed after Justin Bryte (vocals, keyboard) and Slavo (vocals, guitar) met in a Staten Island studio. One co-writing session later, and the rest was history. The duo quickly earned attention online with their anthemic pop songs and creative covers.

“You Belong” is an upbeat and romantic song, infused with the retro, synth-heavy sound that has characterized much of Fly By Midnight’s sound. But below the surface of the song’s upbeat sound, the lyrics paint a much more moody picture. “You Belong” is a song of longing and realization: the realization that someone you cared about and took for granted, was important to you and belongs with you. Even so, the song’s upbeat sound compliments its less upbeat lyrics, creating an atmosphere that is equal parts intense and hopeful.

The music video for “You Belong” is captivating and has a desperate, frenetic feeling to it that suits the song well. Justin and Slavo star as two men in very different stages of a relationship. The video’s ending is truly a twist but it fits the themes of the song very well. I won’t spoil anything else about the video but if you like the song, you’ll love the video. And really… who wouldn’t like “You Belong?” Fly By Midnight has shown, with this single, that they can craft emotional, meaningful songs without sacrificing their upbeat sound, and that alone should merit attention.

Written by: Gabriel Grassie

Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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