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“Dying Light'' - Vilhelm Buchaus | Review

In "Dying Light," Vilhelm Buchaus reflects on the fleeting nature of dreams and the yearning to break free from routine. His verses portray the small-town environment he grew up in, while the choruses echo a powerful desire to escape before time slips away. Buchaus's passionate vocals infuse the pop-rock tune with a sense of urgency, compelling listeners to seize new experiences. The instrumental arrangement perfectly complements his vocals, enhancing the song's emotional intensity and resonance.

​​When I first listened to this song, it reminded me of Benson Boone, Ruel, and Valley. These artists, like Buchaus, are not only gifted vocalists but also use metaphors, symbols, and emotions to tell memorable stories with their lyrics.

With lyrics such as "In this misadventure, I don't know where I belong," Buchaus captures the essence of searching for meaning amidst fading hopes and missed opportunities. His tone is raw and vulnerable, making the track perfect for anyone who feels stuck between chapters of their own life.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Buchaus has been releasing music on streaming platforms since 2023, drawing inspiration from The 1975, Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran, and John Mayer. He has a remarkable talent for playing the guitar, often echoing a rock style. His sound is both honest and nostalgic, particularly showcased in his second most recent single, "Snow in the Summer," a catchy tune that grabs your attention from the first few seconds. Once again, leveraging the instrumentals to highlight his vocals and amplify his tone. With an EP on the way, I'm excited to hear what's next!

Written by Izzy Hory

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