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Overkill- Tessa Dalton | Review

Tessa Dalton’s ‘Overkill’ walks the line between hyperpop and pop princess, and it walks that line flawlessly.

With an exhilarating beat that makes you want to jump, dance, and scream, Tessa’s most recent single leaves no stone unturned. In her words, this song tries to capture “the feeling of summer approaching and having a fun, casual thing turn into something more– unexpectedly.” The lyrics are incredibly vulnerable and lay everything out on the table, perfectly portraying how it feels to be undeniably infatuated with someone: “I’d go anywhere you asked me to. / I’d go anywhere just ask me to! Is it overkill?”

At just nineteen years old, Tessa is a talented fiddle player, a multi-instrumentalist, and an aspiring singer-songwriter. She is based in Nashville and is studying Commercial Music at Belmont University. From songwriting to production, Tessa can do it all, and she does it well. With a sound similar to that of Gracie Abrams and Sabrina Carpenter, and a production style similar to Jack Antonoff, the sound she provides is one that is sure to receive immense positive feedback. Be sure to keep an eye out for Tessa Dalton in the future!

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