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"Yellow Fall" - Songs For Swimming | Review

In the literary world, autumn symbolizes letting go, moving on, and moving forward. These sentiments are echoed in Songs for Swimming’s new single, “Yellow Fall,” tackling the feelings that come along with waking up and realizing where you are isn’t where you’re meant to be.

Sonically, “Yellow Fall” is a solemn and earnest take on acoustic indie pop, hitting the sweet spot between folk and pop. It could make itself comfortable on any playlist for cozy winter nights or slow mornings. Composed of an acoustic guitar, natural drum kit, occasional rhythmic keys, and a low, brooding bass line, it maintains a slow and steady tempo, harboring the complicated feelings conveyed in the lyrics. An electric guitar is introduced in the bridge and carries through the remainder of the song’s 4-minute run, stepping outside the acoustic indie pop scope and treading in an edgier rock territory.

Lyrics like “don’t know where I’m going but I don’t want this anymore,” and “I know we had it all but I don’t love you anymore,” explore feelings people often have a hard time articulating: things have to change, but to what, exactly? What is this change we’re longing for, where is this deep dissatisfaction coming from? But nonetheless, they’re incredibly real, common feelings, and in the end are only evidence of our own personal growth. While the lyrics surrounding leaving a lover, or perhaps leaving a once-loved place may be riddled with sadness, it’s a bittersweet song all the same. Yes, parts of it hurt, but in the end they’ll yield to greener pastures and brighter days.

Songs for Swimming is an indie pop duo made up of Line Bøgh and Rasmussen Glandorf. The Danish duo has been lurking in the shadows of the Copenhagen music scene since 2015, and they’re finally ready to release their work for the world to hear. “Yellow Fall” and their second single, “Friends,” are the first of two singles off their upcoming EP. “Rasmus and I have spent a lot of time together in the studio and at some point it just seemed natural that we would write some songs together. They’ve been created over a long period of time and are kind of a condensed atmosphere from the studio. The songs are dreamy, quiet and weightless - a bit like swimming,” says Line Bøgh.

Written by Jess Ward

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