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“Whisper” - Juni Poet | Review

When the sun goes down, the existential life questions come out. “Whisper” by Juni Poet is an indie, alternative pop song that I can picture myself listening to on a nighttime highway drive home after getting my heart broken. It induces strong emotions but with a mellow, groovy beat that I can brainstorm creative thoughts to.

Synths create a nostalgic atmosphere of regret and sorrow, but the melodic guitar notes add a catchy complexity to the beat. Juni Poet’s smooth tone is perfect for the soulful lyrics that tackle self-hatred, depression, and the feeling of hopelessness. The chorus production contrasts this beautifully with an upbeat rhythm that has me head-boppin’ despite the deep, emotional lyrics. One of my favorite moments is the ending guitar solo that leaves you with a hint of a happy and hopeful feeling as the song fades out.

Juni Poet is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer. He explains, “My music is nothing more than a failed attempt to understand my existence.” The artist’s adventurous nature and quest to find the meaning of life is documented in his songs. His music aims to comfort other people going through the same struggle alone, as we hide behind picture-perfect lives on social media. His 2020 release, “What If” has over 64,000 streams on Spotify.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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