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"where have i gone" - clide x Rnla | Review

Lo-fi pop artist clide is back with his newest reflective single "where have i gone" featuring the talented Rnla.

The track is an introspective masterpiece. "where have i gone" gets in touch with ideas of searching for identity and sense of self amidst mental health challenges. Here, clide focuses on depression but I think every listener can resonate with this track. There are times where each of us feels like we aren't really being ourselves or present in our reality. clide beautifully executes this narrative in his lyrics and creates a track that makes the listener feel seen in their experience. After getting in touch and sharing ideas with each other, Rnla took the sad piano ballad and turned it into a chill LoFi-Pop track.

21-year-old clide sounds like "born-and-raised in America“, though he wasn’t. Being half American, he grew up in Berlin, Germany, where he lives and creates music. Recently named "the best-kept secret" or "rare talent“ by music officials, one thing is for sure: clide is definitely ready to proof them right. While in 2019 his focus was on songwriting and testing his songs in underground locations in Berlin, in 2020 the world was finally able to listen to what he's been cooking - the EP "in my mind". In his first year of releasing music, clide passed the 15M streams.

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