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“Where Do Love Go” - Lune | Review

“Where Do Love Go” by Lune is an electro-pop song that makes me want to dance with my eyes closed.

Lune’s snappy electro-pop beat and soft, mesmerizing voice combine to create something so real, so refreshing. The lyrics address how painful it is when a relationship falls apart - in the moment. Then, after you pick yourself up it will look small compared to the love you have for yourself. Lune’s music video is shot on this beautiful, snow-covered Scandinavian beach while she and the dancers wear short-sleeve T-shirts and pants. Yes, I said short-sleeves! This just adds power to the song, and creates a natural, carefree dance anthem that is so thrilling to listen to.

Lune took the world by storm with her song “Leave the World Behind” in 2013, starring the Swedish House Mafia which has gathered over 4.6million views on Youtube. She is a Swedish singer and lyricist named Linnéa Martinsson whose style ranges from heartbreaking ballads to danceable beats. Her education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School has made her an accomplished dancer and choreographer, which she further displays in many of her stunning music videos.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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