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"Home" - Alba Rose |Review

'Home' is a soulful single by New Zealand singer-songwriter Alba Rose. It's the kind of tune that echoes in my mind during those quiet moments on a family road trip, gazing out the window, lost in thoughts while raindrops trickle down from the sky. The song starts with raw, isolated vocals, painting a vivid picture of emotions unfolding in slow motion, carried by the gentle harmonies that follow.

In an Instagram post, Rose dedicates the song "to any au revoirs or unknowns", illuminating the promise of finding comfort in change. Having just returned from my first year of college, 'Home' resonates with the transitions and shifts I've undergone within the last few months. From hosting guacamole nights in my dorm room to studying under the sun's UV rays and planning band charity events, I've made memories with people I barely knew and will cherish forever. Saying goodbye, even just for the summer, to the place that shaped my first year of adulthood is bittersweet, knowing that the return won't be quite the same. But, I am fortunate to have two places I can truly call home. Growing up in a beach town, finding relief in sunset strolls and the salty breeze during moments of stress, I've only grown more appreciative.

Like a breath of fresh ocean air, the drum build-up in 'Home' evokes a reassurance of the calm in chaos. The lyrics depict the inevitable growth in these moments that will lead us home. Rose's heartfelt delivery speaks to the universal journey of adapting to change, urging listeners to value what they've experienced and what lies ahead.

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