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"Oblivion" - Mollie Rainwater |Review

Mollie Rainwater guides the listener to our own personal demise on her new track “Oblivion”. A talented balancing act between letting us in on our secret impending doom and asking us to enjoy the fall.

Her subtle ascending vocal runs feels like summiting a peak only to find the promised oasis already dried away. Where’d the water go? It’s already filled the ocean that “Keeps your head above the waves although you’re still sinking.” It took a few listens to let myself open up to the melancholy sweetness of Rainwater’s delicate voice. Once I did, she’s a shoo in for my easy evening listening.

Oblivion’s unconventional song structure took me by surprise. I thought I was in for a downtempo folk weepy with a brighter pop hook. But the slightest refrain of “one step to the right I’ll watch you fly” was the only anchor in Rainwater’s ever-searching lyrical journey. I grew to love the space between the guitar strums that let the lyrics bore deeper into my memory. It helps I’m listening in a cozy tent in the chilly Arizona highlands.

The most thought provoking lyric is “scattered proficiency ”. I can relate to being a generalist with a range of skills I meant to get better at…at some point. For now, I’m comforted to know these scattered proficiencies are my extinguisher to burning fear in my gut. Fear I’ll be just another anonymous ocean drifter.

The last notable metaphor I gleaned was the double edged sword that we balance on. Maybe the “right step” was too on the nose. More than once, the off-kilter, left-handed choice brought me unexpected pleasure.

Mollie Rainwater’s “Oblivion” leaves me self -assured, yet resigned to the inevitable free fall of being a human. Go stream now!

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