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“Up in the Clouds” - TriOrca | Review

“Up in the Clouds” by TriOrca is an indie, R&b song that is beautifully hypnotizing.

The artist starts off strong with an intriguing opener. The notes mimic windchimes that instantly transport you to a fantasy land. Whitney Meyer’s mix of soothing harmonies with her unique, powerful voice takes command of the song in a really lovely way. And just when you think the song is at its final moments, the vocalist returns. Meyers doesn’t need words to mesmerize the audience, her vocalizing alone is to die for. The whole song: the effects, lyrics, sound, is an impeccable joy to listen to.

Producer Phil Simmonds, drummer and producer Dave Diaz, and writer and vocalist Whitney Meyer have created an unstoppable trifecta: TriOrca. The group has worked together seamlessly since 2019, when they released their debut hit “Ghost”. After receiving support from over 21,000 listeners on Spotify, they've continued to release several songs and albums since then. Least to say, I am quite eager to hear more from the trio.



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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