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Up All Night: The New Joyride Classic Prelude

Sinking into a lush environment of gliding chords, musical artist Amethyst’s vocals cut through the ambience and reel the listener into an all night joyride in her new single, “Up All Night.”

With alluring vocal harmonies surrounding a classic drum groove, the single for Amethyst’s upcoming EP creates dream-like atmospheres perfect for late night rides to late nights out. With world-building music production from Strama, Amethyst’s vocals are exemplary for the dynamic duo’s 2nd single collaboration following “Can’t Let Go.” Echoing a spiraling romance with mixed emotions of regret and desire that build melodically to a heart-felt disclosure, the lyrics from “Up All Night” entrance the listener from the second Amethyst’s vocals are felt.

“Why do you play these twisted games, you just need something you can claim…” - Amethyst

Although Amethyst’s new release contains dream-like qualities, there is nothing dreamed up of Amethyst and her musical career. The 23 year old singer/songwriter has made appearances on BBC Introducing, and Amazon Radio UK/US along with glowing reviews from all over. The R&B/neo-soul artist hails from Chichester, and has taken influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Lianna La Haves, Snoh Aalegra and H.E.R. Amethyst’s distinct sound brings a unique quality to each of her singles, with blends that go well beyond R&B/Neo-soul that has us eagerly awaiting the release of her EP set to debut in the near future.

-Brian Kelly

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