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“under the wave” - little luna |Review

“It’s a wonderful world when you’re alone”, crones little luna midway through the newest addition to her discography and already holds over 16,000 listens.

The name tells the tale of what you experience on first listen, with the vocals and the complete changup of instrumentation from chorus to verses, under the wave is certainly aptly named. It takes you over and under with it starting with a strong picking noise and simple xylophone sound similar Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” in its start and the bridge pushes that out entirely and by the chorus it’s a different song entirely. The best thing little luna does is use these somewhat distracting in any other song kind of sound switches but says perfect cliché one-liners that remind you to pay attention to what she’s saying.

The message is the ever-so-wanted desire to sometimes just be alone for just one second. Under the wave she describes to get away, she just wants to be left alone. We’ve all been there in our imagination and we’re always fighting to get back in some capacity, she mentions the callouses that life has left on her and she needs away. Her vocals are great but what’s addicting is the message and kudos to little luna for that, we all could use some time under the wave.

By Amanda Collins

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