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“Typo” - Discrete X Sistek | Review

With over 50M streams/views from his first 3 singles Discrete is ready to launch 2020 with his new single "Typo". This is the first track off his upcoming EP, “Explore”, releasing later 2020!

This new electro-pop single by Discrete and Sistek is a catchy guitar-driven love song. The song finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute as singer-songwriters Tudor and Voss trade verses. The vocals are so pure and sweet and I just want to keep this song on repeat. “Typo” might be the most clever and sweet love song I have heard so far in 2020.

With only three singles under his belt, Stockholm-based producer Discrete already has over 55 million plays to his name. His unique style of electro-pop was formed over ten years of music production experience and was heavily influenced by his upbringing. He grew up in an artistic household and around multiple cultures including his Swedish classmates, Norwegian father and an American mother who all helped form his world view.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, 22-year-old Sistek grew up playing guitar in Santiago, Chile and began producing only three years ago. Since his debut single, “Pitfalls,” he has become the most-streamed Chilean electronic artist with more than 22 million across platforms. Making music to inspire, encourage, and celebrate life, he's ascended the ranks of electronic artists and delivered landmark performances at both Lollapalooza and Creamfields Chile.

After a long night in the studio, the sun had finally risen when Sistek and co-writer Tudor finally landed on the guitar riff to “Typo.” Lyrics came quickly to them because whether they like it or not: they miss messy romance. Meanwhile, Discrete had returned to the studio to produce new material following the release of his latest single, “Trippin’ Bout You.” He invited Sistek to Stockholm to collaborate and upon hearing the rough demo of "Typo," he insisted that they finish the track. He and fellow Swede Voss reworked the confession into a confrontation where lovers sort through their mixed feelings.

On how “Typo” surfaced, Sistek reflects, “Maybe the all-nighter induced Tudor and me to dig into emotions that we might otherwise not have explored. When I brought the song to Sweden, Discrete and Victoria sustained that momentum. We barely had time to think. We just rode our instincts all the way to the finish.”

Discrete remembers, “I met Sistek in early 2019 and invited him to collaborate with me at my studio. I heard the potential in “Typo” already the first time he played it for me. I asked Victoria Voss if she wanted to take this song to the next step, and within a day we had finished the song. Sistek and I polished the production soon thereafter.”

The resulting product has Discrete and Sistek pitting girl against boy in the extremely catchy electro-pop gem, "Typo," which finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute. Tudor croons to his former partner, pleading his case. Victoria Voss holds out as long as possible but is swayed back by the end of the release. Sistek’s tropical feels blend with Discrete’s momentous sounds to create an unforgettable release. The fusion between Sistek’s Chilean vibes, Tudor’s Welsh voice, and Discrete’s Nordic tones are a testament to the modern, global landscape of music. A simple guitar riff slowly grows throughout the course of the song and by the time of the chorus, listeners are treated to a catchy vocal chop.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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