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"The Weather" - Reed Gaines |Review

If you are looking for a sadly sweet yet anthemic track, "The Weather" by Reed Gaines is the track for you.

Gaines creates a stunning soundscape that fills your ears. The Weather is a nostalgic, emotional, indie rock song driven by guitars, pounding drums, and synths. "The Weather" is beautifully simple and nostalgic and perfect as the weather finally turns brisk for the Fall. This track makes me feel like it's that last-ditch attempt at saving a relationship once it has changed. Finding that non-confrontational topic that is simple and easy and trying to rebuild.

Reed Gaines is an up and coming Bedroom-Pop/Alt-Rock artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Reed's music is often described as having a "warm, nostalgic atmosphere," which helps to convey the melancholic sadness his lyrical content portrays in such a frank way.

Instagram: reedoburrito11

soundcloud: reedoburrito11

Review by Hannah Schneider

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