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The Real Me - Jeffrey James | Review

Jeffrey James is serving Finneas realness with his new single ‘The Real Me’ released on October 13th 2023. Hitting us with his fourth single this year, Jeffrey is a Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter.

"The Real Me” reveals Jeffrey’s talent for heartfelt and captivating pop ballads. This track was produced by David Burris who has worked with artists like Lauren Spencer Smith, Gryffin & MOTHICA to name a few. Jeffrey explains that “'The Real Me’ is about wanting to be heard and seen for who I truly am at my core, and finding someone who does that”.

I feel like this song really speaks to anyone doing music, with lyrics like “I’m always tired / I’m always ready to give up on all my dreams because the cost is way too high / and so it’s hard to concentrate on all the good things in my life / I keep freaking out, does anybody else know what I mean?”

Such a stunning ballad that really makes you feel how the singer is feeling. Highly recommend giving it a listen and putting it on your “sad songs playlist” for when you need a good cry.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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