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The Paper Kites at the Fonda Theater Los Angeles | Concert Review and Gallery

On March 5, The Paper Kites illuminated the Fonda Theatre, delivering an electrifying and unforgettable performance. Making a stop in Hollywood, California, as part of their North American tour, the band celebrated the recent release of their latest album, At the Roadhouse.

The evening began with Bella White captivating the audience with her stripped-down renditions of country and folk tunes. Her sweet and soothing vocals resonated throughout the venue, creating an intimate atmosphere. White's charm was evident as she shared lighthearted anecdotes about her interactions with The Paper Kites, including humorous attempts at learning their secrets and occasional lyric mishaps, all of which endeared her to the crowd.

As the night progressed, The Paper Kites, accompanied by the Roadhouse Band, finally graced the stage, amplifying the musical experience with a total of eight musicians. The performance started with an intimate and nostalgic vibe, blending old favorites with tracks from their latest album. A standout moment was their performance of "Bloom," during which they gathered around a single microphone, showcasing their harmonious vocals and captivating stage presence.

After a brief interlude, the band returned with a dynamic and upbeat track, reigniting the crowd's energy and enthusiasm. The seamless transitions between mellow and energetic moments ensured a well-rounded and engaging performance, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Overall, The Paper Kites delivered a memorable evening filled with stellar musicianship, heartfelt performances, and infectious energy, making it an unforgettable concert experience.

Laurel Ayuyao


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