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The Naturally Talented VanCar Releases Song Titled "Go Outside"

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Maryland based VanCar is a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter/producer. He just dropped his latest track "Go Outside" and with no doubt, it is going to be a success. The song is mainly addressed to the "indoor generation" and holds a deep, powerful and philosophical message we can all relate to. VanCar invites the listener to "Go Outside" instead of staying in our concrete jungle behind four walls. The eclectic self-produced artist blends magically various genres such as indie rock, soft rock, acoustic and pop. VanCar orchestrates the naturally smooth voice of the singer Daniel Feldman who sounds like Jason Mraz, as well as the jazzy and bluesy piano solos here and there with both harmony and mastery. The great production of this beautiful and relaxing track highlights its deep message. Nature is calling. Don't miss this masterpiece.

Get hooked on VanCar's production and songwriting expertise by giving him a follow on Instagram and listening to the stunning "Get Outside" below.

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