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“contradiction” - LULLANAS | Review

Life is full of contradictions, and on their stunning new single "contradiction," folk-pop duo LULLANAS confront that frustrating paradox head-on. Over gorgeous layered strings creating a beautifully resigned, peaceful harmony, their gorgeous vocals ponder: "I've been thinking a lot, about how everything moves in circles.” Is it bad if we are all walking contradictions?

The song captures how despite our best aims and efforts, we so often end up counteracting ourselves in maddening ways. "contradiction" emerged from wrestling with "the disconnect between our desires and our actions" during the pandemic's stagnant periods. They wondered how "giving too much could ironically leave you with too little, how caring deeply won't necessarily make someone care back, and how hard work can sometimes still lead to staying in the same place."

From this profound shared experience of feeling like "walking and talking contradictions," LULLANAS have crafted a lush, soul-soothing musical meditation. Their intertwined vocals create an enveloping intimacy, drawing you into both the comforting melodies and those universal dichotomies we all grapple with. There's a beautiful bittersweet poignancy to resigning yourself to life's contradictions, but taking solace in capturing that relatable unresolvable tension so vividly.

Folk-pop duo LULLANAS’ harmony-laden musings about the persistently transformative nature of relationships are immediately disarming, no matter how heartbreaking they may be. The Indian-American twin sisters from the outskirts of Philly DIY’d their way into music while visiting their grandmother in Mumbai, recording the wistful “don’t say” on a whim at a cotton mill–turned–recording studio there. Immediately comforting and relatable, it organically amassed nearly 4 million streams on Spotify. Born in the U.S. to first-generation immigrants, their childhood included many family road trips filled with music from the Beatles, Shania Twain, and James Taylor. Today, their music echoes the manifold melodies of their upbringing.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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