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“All of Me” - CALIFORNIA GOLD | Review

Awash in the somber warmth of Bon Iver, CALIFORNIA GOLD pours out anguish on "All Of Me".

With each drawled line on "All Of Me," CALIFORNIA GOLD seems to pull you deeper into the harrowing emotional depths of the song. The lush, waving instrumentation carries a somber warmth akin to Bon Iver, but the heart-rending lyrics reveal the heavy weight and pain of simply existing that we all grapple with daily.

"All Of Me" emanates the relatable anguish of bottling up emotions until they threaten to consume you entirely. According to CALIFORNIA GOLD, it emerged from a particularly heavy period. "I've been quietly writing a bunch of songs as a way of therapy for myself," he shares. "Never with the initial intention to release them, they were more just songs for me."

He continues, "This song is about sometimes, the only way around the storm is through. I feel like we can sometimes bottle up our feelings and suppress a lot of things which eventually eats away at you."

That's exactly the level of raw vulnerability and catharsis that "All Of Me" taps into. As the music ebbs and flows, you can feel the internal struggle as CALIFORNIA GOLD wrestles with the weight threatening to drown him. Each heart-tugging vocal cue feels like a grasp for air, for release, for the strength to persevere through the overwhelming storm.

For anyone who has felt burdened by life's heaviness, the song intimately channels that shared experience into an unrestrained outpouring of emotion. In bearing it all, CALIFORNIA GOLD's vulnerability is a light in the depths of darkness.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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