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The Band Camino, Charlotte Sands, and Bad Suns rock the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles | Concert Re

The Screaming in the Dark Tour is one to remember. From dynamic lights, a wild crowd, and hit after hit - these bands filled Los Angeles’ Shrine with music and joy all night long.

First up, my favorite artist rising the alt pop rock scene - Charlotte Sands. The blue hair singer/songwriter is a rockstar with untameable performance power. Her unapologetic and cutting vocal delivery, dancing, hair flipping and general pop-punk princess energy makes her a captivating watch. While the crowd lifting their flashlights during her ballad “Alright” (a personal favorite of mine) was moving - what really moved everyone’s feet was the unreleased track “Spite”. I will have the line “fuck it I’ll get famous out of spite” etched in my brain until its release on her upcoming album in January.

Bad Suns was next up. Best known for their hits “Daft Pretty Boys” and “Cardiac Arrest” these guys know how to put on a show. This is the kind of rock music that leaves you feeling good. You can’t get enough of its poppy and fun sound that makes you want to dance.

When the backdrop of The Band Camino’s set lit up the crowd absolutely went wild.

Fans were sitting on eachothers shoulders, singing, dancing, and fully breathing in the experience for all its energy and power (although I will say being hit in the head with a flying glowstick was an unexpected surprise while taking photos). This is a fandom that LOVES their band and in just six years that is a testament to the band and their dedication to their music and fans. The charisma of The Band Camino is next level, their funny moments of banter, their ability to maneuver the stage and perform and interact with each other - they are next level.

Vocalists Jeffery Jordan & Spencer Stewart, even in the softer stripped moments, know how to bring in a crowd and make the room feel small and intimate as they “rode in key of E for some sad songs”. Of course that didn’t last long as they proclaimed it was the “Littest crowd in LA yet”. As lasers danced across the ceiling the crowd danced and sang right back.

The bands encore included their hit “Berenstein” which they ONLY play if the crowd earns it - I am glad we earned it as I stood screaming out the lyrics with tears in my eyes (yes I am a big fan and absolutely would have cried more had we not earned it - thank you LA).

Review and Photography by Hannah Schneider

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Oct 23, 2023


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