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Couch at the Wonder Bar Fills Audiences with Bright Energy on their “Sunshower” Tour

On Thursday April 4th at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the Boston-based band Couch took the venue by storm on part two of their sophomore EP’s, “Sunshower” tour. Couch, who infuses pop with funk, rock, and R&B/soul, performed an array of songs from their two EPs. They even brought out a few electric covers, including “Vienna” by Billy Joel, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, and even “Conjunction Junction” from the beloved Schoolhouse Rock.

The members’ backgrounds in jazz, a cappella, and musical theatre further defines their vibrant sound. With Tema Siegel on vocals, Zack Blankstein on guitar, Jared Gozinsky on drums, Will Griffin on bass, Danny Silverston on keys, Jeffery Pinsker-Smith on Trumpet, and Eric Tarlin on saxophone, Couch injects each project with their signature flavor: expressive horns, warm vocals, and bubbling synths—crafting an oasis of joy for musicians and non-musicians alike.

With various band-led singalong moments – one of which in three part harmony entitled “Poems” – and solo spotlights on each member, the joyfully infectious energy of this group is an experience like no other. Another band specific touch involves their secondary instagram, @couchfamilyphotos, in which they pass around film cameras to capture audiences' friendship and concert enjoyment. This fun keepsake aspect added to the intimate, familial concert experience.

Couch’s many layers of percussive and woodwind instruments create an energetic specificity that begs the audience to dance their hearts out. Siegel’s range soars over her bandmates’ skillful precision. Each of their talents were showcased perfectly, and their blend was synchronized and sonically intricate. Favorite tracks included “LA,” “Autumn,” “Jessie,” and of course their widely known hit, “Easy to Love.”

Live performance newcomer and “Somebody New” singer Sophia James (@sophiajamesmusic) shone in both her opening set and cameo feature on “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.” James impressively built her dynamic sound with a loop station, electric guitar, and a keyboard, which you can hear more of on her project “The Clockwork EP” dropping on April 19th. Her unique and smooth vocals complimented her artful writing and deep understanding of both her new and old music.

Couch continues to tour through 2024, and can be seen at both large and small venues all over the country and Canada. They can be found at @couch.theband on instagram.

By Allie Witek

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