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“Technicolour” - FARR

Immensely talented duo FARR stunned many with their recently released single "Paranoid" and now the transatlantic duo (by way of L.A. and London) return with new single "Technicolour." FARR, comprised of vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay (who has also produced for Rejjie Snow, LION SNOW, RITUAL and more) met back in 2016 at a studio session that would soon snowball into the beginning of an incredible hybrid electronic project. Separated by oceans, the duo writes and creates their music via voice notes and memos and "Technicolour" is the stellar by-product of that.

New single "Technicolour" brings an R&B edge to FARR's alt-pop, electronic soul sound. What starts out as an acoustic offering quickly evolves into a soulful ballad. Cut from the same cloth as trailblazers like HONNE and a grittier Sam Smith, FARR meld modern production with timeless vocals. Vocalist Roméo shines in this subdued track bringing a fearless quality to the track.

"Technicolour was the last song written for the album," says Roméo. "I'd been feeling fed up with the sad way I was seeing the world, which unfortunately I feel like a lot of us can identify with right now. I wanted to write something to make sense of it all. I was reaching for hope, reaching for a vividly coloured future rather than this grey cloud I felt I was sitting in."

"Technicolour" follows the release of FARR's recently released "Paranoid," a song that examines the anxiety that comes with feeling like you do not have control of your own life. Both tracks are off the upcoming album, due out next year!

FARR duo, comprised of LA-based vocalist Roméo and London-based producer Linden Jay, met in May 2016 at a random but fated studio session that would snowball into the beginnings of an incredible new hybrid electronic project. Despite the distance, and with the help of modern technology, they’ve managed to stay connected and write through voice notes and audio messages between studio sessions. The product is a cross-pollination of global styles with a modern edge and classic feel and a fearless twist on alternative pop and electronic soul music unlike anything heard today.

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