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"Sunny" - AObeats and Robokid | Review

AObeats and Robokid’s new single, “Sunny,” truly reflects its cheerful title. With an electric beat and incredible mastery of vocal manipulation through electronic production, this song is bound to become a fan-favorite of many summer playlists. “Sunny” feels like its own bubble of shining happiness and changes the idea of what a summer song should sound like.

For AObeats and Robokid, their collaboration has perfect timing. Robokid released his debut EP and two follow-up singles, “Fishing Lessons” and “DEAD2ME,” this year. AObeats celebrated the release of his debut mixtape, Pilot, where he collaborated with Robokid again.

The future is looking sunny for AObeats and Robokid, especially after the release of this new, catchy single.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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