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"Summer Again" - Milq |Review

"Summer Again" by Milq is the kind of indie pop I will play for hours on repeat.

Are you ready for a dreamy indie pop track to kick off the summer? Well regardless of your answer you now have "Summer Again" which will bring a sense of positivity to your day. A sweet love song reminiscing over past loves and experiences this track with transport you to simpler times. The 80's-esque vibe is beautifully nostalgic and anthemic. Fans of artists like LANY or joan will fall in love with MIlq. I know I will be blasting this track on a sunny day soon to enjoy the day and let the this romanticized love story take over.

MILQ is an indie pop band from Edmonton, AB, Canada. The band’s debut single, “Stay,” garnered a strong local fan base as well as shows playing alongside PVRIS, iamhill, New City, and Tyler Shaw. In 2019, MILQ released two singles, “L.U.2.H.” and “Saw You Out Last Night.” The band started 2020 with a sold out headline show at The Aviary.

The trio's debut EP is set to be released on June 26th and we can't wait to hear it.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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