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"Star shining on my head" - Doottak | Review

New Korean artist Doottak debuts his first debut single “Star shining on my head.” It’s a mystical piece bringing together the best of R&B and lo-fi pop.

A traditional guitar sound opens the doors and a slow beat introduces vocals and simplistic piano keys. “Star shining on my head” enters on a concise melody that builds with each progression and introduction of a musical instrument. Climbing to the top, electronic sounds join the team creating a soft dazzling sound that surrounds listeners. Yet, the single is consistent with its foundational sounds highlighted in the very first verse. Electronic sounds elevate the chorus, telling listeners to step inside the very world, the very emotions Doottak lives through. The music truly lifts listeners into a night sky full of stars above.

The new artist will be known for his vocals and lyrical execution. Doottak is unique to the market while blending in perfectly in any playlist of new generation indie artists. A mumbling technique bordering rap accompanies the rustic, raw vocals. It contrasts with the beautiful, almost “pretty” melody of the single making each lyric stand out despite Doottak’s choice of singing technique.

The single’s lyrics are up for interpretation: love or life? “Star shining on my head” takes listeners through Doottak’s story defeated by life and love reminiscing on the high the same gave when it was simply good. The story is an endless cycle, a universally common experience. “My mind hopes that it's just sunny again, shining again, why is it raining again?” The beauty of the story and its translation through this single is its applicability. Whatever position you are in, “Star shining on my head” will escalate your emotions in three minutes and leave you empty, ready to move on.

Review by YooJin

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