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“Soft” - Séamus | Review

Dreamy, anthemic, dynamic. The new release by Séamus, ‘Soft’, leaves me almost speechless.

If you want a song for a night drive this is it right here. ‘Soft’ is the perfect combination of lyricism, vocal talents, and incredible production. Sometimes more electronic songs like this can overpower the vocals but the full vocals are in perfect balance with the track. Lyrically this song feels vulnerable still even with his powerful vocals. More people need to know about this artist! Listening to this song will just give you that movie soundtrack, wow, feeling.

In an era of growing authenticity, Séamus is the story of himself. Reflections of alternative, electronic, and R&B flow together through hauntingly romantic lyricism and icy, cinematic soundscapes. The history of his work was previously focused on production, but now the Marin County native has chosen to showcase a more honest portrayal of himself through his word. Musically united, along with a migration to Los Angeles, the 23-year-old singer/songwriter/producer is building a river of the common human condition through various chapters in his life. The strive for perfection, the anxiousness of unknowing, and the calm surface. Together, this is his story.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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