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"Sixteen" - Oscar Welsh | Review

“Sixteen” by Oscar Welsh opens with a typical smooth lo-fi beat and layered harmonies that pull the listener in, demonstrating this artist’s skill with variation with their vocals.

The syncopated beat with a touch of bright electric guitar strumming brings out Welsh’s floating, casual voice. The lyrics themselves aren’t that complex – “I was like sixteen baby/When you comin’ up/Just a little extreme/Just a little out of touch/Got me feelin’ low/When you need my love/I know you wanna see me” – but they’re still catchy and carry a sense of emotionality without the use of rhyming, which is quite impressive. The layered harmonies and straightforward lyrics help craft the emotional tone of the song, while the production works to set a more lo-fi vibe that makes it an irresistible listen. With this single, he establishes himself as an indie-pop artist to follow.

Welsh is an up-and-coming bedroom pop artist from the UK. At only eighteen, his single “S.A.D” was on Spotify New Music Friday playlists in the UK and the US. He’s been featured in publications such as Ones To Watch and Wonderland Magazine as well as others. With three singles under his belt and “Sixteen,” there’s no telling where the ceiling is for Welsh.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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