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“Share Your Luv” - RIIKI | Review

Her third ever release, RIIKI continues to make a name for herself with her newest single “Share Your Luv”.

The RnB and Indie-Pop songstress hailing from New Zealand releases a floaty pop track that sings summertime love. RIIKI has this easy quality to her music that makes it so lovely to listen to. Her vocals are effortless and the track itself is infectious. “Share Your Luv” takes you on a soaring journey up into the sky where you are completely enchanted by this sweet pop bop. RIIKI is the epitome of an addiction sure to make you feel amongst the clouds.

‘Share Your Luv’ is about sitting on the receiving end of a friendship/relationship where the other person has abruptly ruined the connection through a drastic and unexpected change of heart. One minute they are the closet thing you know to family and then the next they look at your through the eyes of a bully and become the furthest thing away from you. Whilst the track expresses the heart ache of longing for that person back in your life, it is also a celebration of realising that you’ll get by without them.

On the track RIIKI said: “I’m usually the friend helping people I know around me in these situations, but it just feels so damn real when you’re in it and you truly experience that really sad feeling you never saw coming. Although, it is so important that if you fall into that situation you remind yourself “you were never the problem or held responsible, they were”. Don’t blame yourself, instead have a lil boogie because this only made you way stronger

Raquel Abolins-Reid is indie-pop newcomer RIIKI. Raised in New Zealand’s creative capital city and now aged 20, RIIKI is still young but has many stories to tell. Uprising Wellington born, RIIKI has quickly snatched the attention of the music scene in the short amount of time her name has existed in the music world. Now in 2019, with a sharpened and unique spin on today’s indie-pop world, RIIKI is set to leave you in a trance.

The past year for this unique up and coming artist has been jam-packed with preparation, working alongside Roundhead Studio’s mixing/producing prodigy Simon Gooding to deliver her first debut single ‘One Day’.

Her musical craft is infused by a diverse range of styles stretching across many genres. With a large scale range of influences such as Yellow Days, James Blake, JeffBuckley, Sampha, Mermaidens, Toro y Moi, Steve Lacy and Jorja Smith to name a few, combining all her influences to blend her own unique sound, RIIKI produces every aspect of her music herself as her open diary, hoping to inspire and relate to others experiencing the same realms of young teen/adulthood.

This is only the beginning with what is guaranteed a lot more to follow and for RIIKI.

Written by Hannah Schneider

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