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SHAED goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems

Meet SHAED, an electro-pop trio from Washington DC. The group consists of lead vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalists Max and Spencer Ernst.

Seeing SHAED live is an experience. The trio has an unforgettable dynamic that only twin brothers, a married couple, and three best friends can achieve. Their sound is completely unique and pristine even on the last night of a non stop tour.

From dance breaks, incredible stage and light design, the Ernst brothers playing beautifully, and Chelsea's beautiful vocals, this trio has their act together and is ready to take on the world. Keep an eye out for SHAED in your city as they have a hefty festival load this spring and summer not to mention more music in the works.

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Interview by Hannah Schneider on March 15th at PopScene in San Fransisco

Our apologies for the sound quality, due to sound check our mic struggled in some areas. If you have any questions as to what was said please let us know

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