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Casey Conroy - an observer and lover of life - An Unheard Gems Interview

Updated: Apr 15

Unheard Gems: Hi there Casey, welcome to Unheard Gems! We are so excited to get the chance to interview you - we would be lying if we said we weren’t already fans of yours so this feels like a special treat. How are you doing lately? 

Casey Conroy: Ahh yay!! I love you all too, so excited to be doing this! I’m doing really well. Right now, I’m sitting outside of my grandparents’ while visiting them this week. It’s a perfect 80 degrees and sunny in Florida so I cannot complain. 

Unheard Gems: I know it’s a little bit silly but I assume not all of our readers know the artists we share with them, could you share your elevator pitch for “Who is Casey Conroy as both an artist and a person”? 

Casey Conroy: At her core, Casey Conroy is really just an observer and lover of life. I always say that my songwriter is me observing the parts of the world I can see and then filling in the gaps. I am a vivacious person that believes if we’re going to be here, we might as well really live life. I love and I love hard. Whether it’s the food I ate at a new restaurant or my friends or just my morning matcha, I’m all in. 

Unheard Gems: This interview is coming off the back of your recent release of your single “In My Head”. As someone who is both a hopeless romantic and an overthinker, I really resonated with this song. What can you tell us about this single? 

Casey Conroy: This song is pretty special because while it just seems like a regular love song, it really comes from a place of me being a deep overthinker. The concept is about actually replacing that noise in my head with thoughts of the people that I love. At the time I wrote it, I was in a bit of a hole with over 60 songs I’d written, just getting so in my head about what were the right next steps for me as an artist. Writing this song really became a sort of escape for me. 

Unheard Gems: Do you have any advice for the overthinkers out there? Do you have any techniques you use when you start to overthink? 

Casey Conroy: Number one is always talking. Things seem so much larger in our minds. The people we trust can really help us talk them down. And honestly this sounds bad but we’re really not as special as we think haha. Most of the things we think and feel are not that unique and we’re not the only people to go through them. I’ve also been journaling a lot lately and having that time of stillness and reflection has been a game changer for me. 

Unheard Gems: Not to be greedy but what about future music? What comes next in your story? What are you working towards and what can we look forward to? Any teasers or themes to look out for?

Casey Conroy: What a perfect time to be asking that because I have SO MUCH coming up. I was really adamant the last couple years that I didn’t just want to just release music out of pressure but rather take the time to continue finding out who I am and what I want to say. I had just left my home and my family for the first time ever and I was changing immensely as a person so I wanted my music to reflect that. I now have a group of songs that I believe in more than anything and “In My Head” is the 2nd of MANY that are about to come out this year. 

Unheard Gems: Speaking of collaborations - Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with for you?  

Casey Conroy: This is such a hard question to answer, because it always changes based on how I’m feeling that day! Kacey Musgraves will probably be there most days. I’m currently obsessed with quinnie since I saw her opening for The Japanese House a few months ago! I think I could make something really amazing with Mk.Gee. And honestly it would be insane to have a song with Bad Bunny. That’s my go to music for the gym and to start my day. Instant vibes! 

Unheard Gems: One thing I really love about you as an artist is how you show up in the artist space and community; I think it sets an amazing example for other artists trying to break into the scene. You play WFNM, Writer's Block, Sofar Sounds, Uncut Gems and more. What about these showcases and more intimate shows is special to you and are those moments as important as headline shows do you think? 

Casey Conroy: Thank you so much for saying and noticing that. That’s something I really believe in and want to stand for as an artist. Since moving to LA, these showcases have been such a big part of how I create community. Not only are they an amazing way to practice my craft and gain exposure as an artist but they are also how I’ve met the other artists in the circle and created real meaningful friendships. I think any time I can get out into the community and show up for my art and tell my stories, it matters. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the audience or if it’s my own show or a lineup, there is opportunity in everything. That being said, we are working on a headline show! Details to be announced soon :)

Unheard Gems: While we are on the topic of shows….can you tell us a few places we might be able to see you soon? 

Casey Conroy: I have a show with Saturdays at Seven coming up which always winds up being some of my favorite shows! I also have a show with WFNM but I always announce on social media so definitely follow me there! 

Unheard Gems: I know a big topic of conversation - especially when it comes to promoting music - is how do you stay inspired and driven to create content and push your music? Do you have a strategy that works for you to help avoid burnout when making content - you seem really consistent across your socials and I know from working with artists that that can be really draining - what's your secret to consistent content? 

Casey Conroy: I’m still learning this all the time. I would be lying if I said it always comes naturally or I enjoy every second of it but to me the key is all in focusing on the fans, building community and being excited about the ability to reach new audiences. I’m not one of those people that complains about social media because I believe it’s an incredible tool to reach a lot of people really quickly, something that was very hard for artists to do in the past. I promise myself that no matter what, I’ll just be as authentically myself as possible. Instead of searching for virality or thinking any one post holds all the power, I see it as a place to document my journey and tell a larger story.

Unheard Gems: Ok - I think I am done with the heavier questions so now just for fun - what are three things you are looking forward to doing for fun in the coming month - what is going to spark joy for you? 

Casey Conroy:  Eating lol. I love food. I realize I plan everything around what I’m going to eat so I’m excited to keep cooking new recipes and discovering new places around LA. My book club. I started a book club when I moved to LA and reading our books and spending time together is really one of my highlights of every month. Lastly, there’s a song idea I’ve been wanting to flesh out for a while now and I think I’m going to really give it a stab this month. In the end, writing music is still my favorite hobby.

Unheard Gems: And as we draw to a close - what is a bit of advice you wish you had been given when you first started releasing music and embarking on your artist journey?

Casey Conroy: There are honestly no right answers. You don’t really ever have to have everything figured out. Just start. Be you, be out there, be fearless, don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable and trust the path the universe has laid for you. I think a lot of the answers unfold themselves as you walk along, as long as you’re constantly showing up and are willing to listen. Also, you are enough just as you are. The job is just finding the best ways to show it.

Unheard Gems: A great way to know the artists we cover is to know who they're listening to - potentially find more Unheard Gems if you will. Any artists you think deserve a larger audience?

Casey Conroy: Ahh I love this question and it’s so hard because I have so many incredibly talented friends that I’m building alongside so I could truly give you a page’s worth. But lately I've been listening a lot to my friend Georgia Parker who is one of the most prolific songwriters I have ever heard. She just released a song called “Twin Flame” that I cannot get out of my head. Stella Smyth, who I just wrote a song with, that I CANNOT WAIT to drop!!! Also Benjamin Carter is an incredible artist who I wind up playing on a lot of lineups with in LA and he is just the real deal. He has a really unique story and sound that a lot more people need to know about. 

Unheard Gems: Obviously we want our readers to drop a follow and stream your music - tell us, where are the best places to find you on the interweb? 

Casey Conroy:  Yes! You can find me anywhere at @iamcaseyconroy and please send me a dm if you follow me from this article! I love getting to meet you all!

(Photography credit Dans Karagannis )

Interview conducted by Hannah Schneider

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