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"Seriously" - Dylan Dunlap | Review

In times of chaos on a grandiose scale come quiet moments of reflection for many of us individually. For indie pop singer/songwriter Dylan Dunlap, those moments transformed from what he calls a “novel in (my) notes app” to an introspective melody in his new song ‘Seriously,” overflowing with life lessons that can only be learned in hindsight.

Dunlap’s dulcet, gentle voice carries the first verse, supported by a simple guitar that softly floats underneath. The tender pre-chorus starkly juxtaposed with the big, booming sound of the chorus, yielding a rewarding and satisfying payoff for the listener. Dunlap proves his singing ability to be quite impressive by showcasing both his breathy falsetto, even for just a second in the pre-chorus, and his healthy belt that echoes loftily in the back of the chorus.

The slick production of the song is reminiscent of similar pop rock acts like OneRepublic Judah & The Lion, down to the larger-than-life drums and the reverb that makes them pack such a hearty punch. A few folk influences linger in the smallest crevices of the song, like the open, woody sound of the acoustic guitar in the chorus.

Within the lyrics lies a layer of irony that serves as a reality check to both Dunlap himself and the listener- in the deepest corners of our minds, when we’re reflecting on our lives and experiences, the most serious conversation we can have with ourselves is what we’ve learned. In the end, what we come to realize is that we truly took ourselves way too seriously. These lyrics, coupled with the adventurous atmosphere painted by the arrangement and production of the track, serve as a call to action- stop taking yourself so seriously, and live for the moments you get to be the most carefree.

Renowned singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap began his career when he performed on the streets of LA at a young age. His goal as an artist is to take elements of pop and indie rock and meld them together to create his own unique niche within the music world. His biggest hit, “If That’s Alright,” has garnered over thirteen million streams on Spotify. He’s been taking his vision and love for music on the road as he’s opened for notable acts like OneRepublic and Howie Day.

Written by Jess Ward

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