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"Sand" - Sam Wright |Review

Amidst the Outer Banks craze, surf rock is especially popular this summer due to the show’s soundtrack.

Sam Wright’s new single “Sand” will fit into your summer vibe perfectly if you're riding that indie-pop wave. With bright guitar strumming over reverberating drums, this song creates a beachy aura evoked by its overall lo-fi sound. This song is more of a display of instrumentation, but still makes room for some super dreamy vocals that echo amongst the instrumental. While there isn’t as much of a focus on the vocal aspect of the song, the lyrics carry an interesting double meaning, with Wright saying, “The song's about the elusive sensuality of 'her' refers to both the ocean and a special lady.” This June release is sure to put you in a summer-y mood, whether or not you can make it to the beach.

Wright’s music generally gives off a sunny, surf rock vibe and he released his latest EP, “Beach Brawl,” last year. His debut EP, “Broke Shed Blues,” came out in 2015. He also has another band, Bicoastal, with singer Emily Pynenburg and they released their self-titled debut album in 2018.

Review by Tatum Jenkins

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