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sahn "the mornings" - Album Listening Party Experience

On Thursday night I drove 40 minutes to the other side of Los Angeles to go to a listening party for a new artist, sahn. I was sent the album prior but chose to wait and listen for the first time like everyone else. Upon my arrival at the venue space, I checked in and was immediately offered wine from a varying selection, a lovely touch on a wonderful evening.

I sat and waited for the next showing of the album, eager to see what I was getting into. We were welcomed inside, handed headphones, and taken upstairs to a theater-like room where we were shown the visuals Sahn had created for her album. I was in awe of her, heartbreakingly stunning, her vocals were impeccable and the story that was told was so emotional.

One of the visuals that stuck with me was from “better with you”. It portrays two actors telling the story of their love, from cooking together to laying together, the fights, their wedding - it’s stunning. There’s a twist at the end of the video that absolutely wrecked me. I won’t spoil it for you but definitely check it out as soon as you can.

sahn did an amazing job telling her story of her husband's life that was lost and the love that she lost with it. I highly recommend taking the time to sit and listen to this album and soaking in every feeling that the words leave you with. I am so thankful to have been a part of this beautiful evening.

Written by Heather Kathryn

More about sahn & ‘the mornings’ -

Newcomer singer, songwriter and spiritual alchemist sahn shares her most vulnerable and emotional work through her debut album ‘the mornings’. The 9-track work of art is joined with a powerfully raw and beautiful visual for track “the mornings”, starring dancer Simone Peterson and choreographed by Tessandra Chaves.

The emotional album is ultimately about love, loss, and forging a new relationship with someone you once loved in the physical realm. It drips with sorrow, with hope, and with an eclectic energy that just begs to be heard from top to bottom. She spills feminine wisdom, taps into spirit, and mindfully meditates through music.

Speaking on the album she says:

the mornings is a story about the most pivotal moments of my life thus far and a few of the important lessons I've learned. The title speaks to the hidden lives we live. All that glitters may glow in the light of the evening hour... but who sees you in the mornings?” This marks an exciting beginning for the songstress where she puts it all out on the line: “I’ve got my chest open on the table.”

After the passing of her husband, Chadwick Boseman, she felt called to and found solace in the musical world that she’s built with this project.

sahn prepares to follow up her debut album release with accompanying visuals for each track of the project, tied together in a comprehensive visual album, releasing October 25.

Born and bred in the “itty-bitty-city” Vallejo, California, Simone Ledward Boseman, also known by her artist name, sahn, has been singing all her life, since infancy. She grew up influenced by the soulful sounds of blues, motown, and funk. Knowing her favorite childhood artist was Sam Cooke and her teen obsessions were hip-hop groups like Hieroglyphics and A Tribe Called Quest, her music makes perfect sense. It’s at once a stunning amalgamation of those who came before her and an absolutely unique world of its own.

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