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"Rip It Off" - Lucy Warr | Review

Struggles with mental health, especially during a global pandemic, prove time and again to be some of the hardest widespread battles people face on an everyday basis.

As the holidays approach, those dealing with mental illness may feel their worst symptoms arise once again— eating disorders may be triggered during Thanksgiving weekend, and sparkling, dancing lights on a tree might not be enough to make someone with depression smile. Indie pop singer/songwriter Lucy Warr encourages those strong individuals to remove their masks and stop pretending they’re okay in her latest single, “Rip It Off,” in an attempt to normalize struggles with mental health.

While the subject matter may seem heavy on the surface, the song itself is anything but; on the contrary, it’s an uptempo, uplifting anthem for those who need to be empowered right now. Surging synths back the sweet vocals, making the song both intense and wholesome at the same time. It’s like using your comfort blanket on a long flight to an entirely new destination; there’s solace and exhilaration all the same.

Warr takes evident inspiration from a number of artists in the pop and even electronic music sphere. The pre-chorus slows to a tender piano section, adding a bit of lush Kygo influence, then launches to a pleasantly melodic chorus somewhere between the likes of Zara Larsson and Zedd. Vocally, Warr has a smoky, even jazzy quality that adds a rougher texture to the otherwise smooth and clean sound of the song, separating it from other electro pop tunes and making a name for itself all on its own.

Lucy Warr is the UK-based singer/songwriter that is dedicated to using her own voice to uplift others. Each of her songs take from wildly different influences, making her an absolute wildcard in the industry. It’s impossible to put her in a box, as one song may lean into indie folk trends, and the next is reminiscent of P!nk and early Adele. Her debut single, “Energy,” has been featured in a number of magazines, blogs, and professional playlists, and has accumulated almost 30,000 streams on Spotify.

Written by Jess Ward

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