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"Respect" - ALONZO | Review

Right off the bat, “Respect” gave me a very Daft Punk vibe. The almost robotic chorus really stretches out the song creating a neo-soul, electric, house-ish, vibe.

I like it.

It works.

ALONZO’s pipes are all out in this song. His voice is strong and powerful, especially in the chorus. He can sing straight-up, but at way higher volumes than most can.

I could definitely see this song on a top 40 station easily. You know when you go on Apple music or Spotify and you see the charted songs? Respect should definitely be on that list.

I enjoyed this song and once again, ALONZO’s voice is fantastic. Very few artists/singers can elevate their voice that high while still staying in tune. Describing his voice, ALONZO explains; “a small-town boy with a voice that can move the world.” Very true and very impressive.

ALONZO is from the Windy City (Chicago). While going to a performing arts high school he founded a dance crew Fatally Unique. While dancing he knew something was missing. That missing link was his passion for music. ALONZO so far has toured across Asia and has been selected to be one of Christina Aguilera’s back up singers. Not bad!

As ALONZO’s websites puts, “a singer, songwriter, dancer, and unmatched performer, ALONZO is now.”

Written by Quincy Williamson

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