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“red flags” by Ry August

In his newest single “red flags”, Ry August navigates through the journey of self-improvement, which can admittedly be a hard and drawn-out battle.

The song starts somewhat mysteriously with a distorted voice over minimal instruments, which leads into an intense and energized chorus and eventually an equally intense bridge. To me, the varying energy levels throughout the song reflect the internal struggle of wanting to become a better person while facing the obstacles that come with that pursuit. The song also feels particularly timely in a cultural moment where people are increasingly focused on self-reflection. By exploring these themes in a compelling way, Ry August has created a song that is not only musically satisfying but emotionally resonant as well.

Ry August is a multi-talented artist, who brings a range of creative skills. In addition to his songwriting, Ry also has a passion for graphic design, videography, and content creation. Ry spent his childhood with his single mother in Baltimore, MD and York, PA, and eventually moved to Los Angeles, CA by himself in 2020 so that he could perfect his craft. Ry enjoys telling personal stories through his pop music with twists of alternative, indie, and hip hop influences.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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