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"Prada U" - Con Killion | Review

I think this song is the quintessential R&B song that I’ve had the opportunity to review so far…

And it’s a good one.

With heavy bass drums and a fine wine type voice, Con Killion creates a bedroom/love sing masterpiece. The beginning of the track keeps one in suspense slowly building anticipation until Con’s vocals begin to almost seduce the listener. Like Jay-Z once said, “fine wine down your earlobes”, Con’s voice keeps getting better and better until the best part at the hook…

Just like aged fine wine.

At first, I was thinking “why would the title be “Prada U”?” - thinking about the fashion company, but then, while listening he’s actually saying “proud of you”. I thought this was quite creative and I’m a sucker for a good song name.

As a high school student, Con faced intense bullying. With the help of friends and family he strived to not allow this to affect him. This allowed for Con to have a greater sense of strength, courage, and confidence, which helped coin his name.

Con is from the home of Motown (Detroit). His songwriting is influenced by both his romantic relationships and childhood experiences. Con Killa’s has found recent success with his single “Young Mistakes” gaining over 350,000 views.

I definitely see Con reaching higher recognition in the R&B community in the near future.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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