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Pink Mario- “You Know Who to Call (This Modern World)”

Pink Mario delivers an upbeat dream pop with dreamier vocals that will levitate you to another world of music.

You Know Who to Call (This Modern World) is an escape song from the real-world chaos around us. To be more precise, Pink Mario discusses that it’s specifically about AI and how fast modernization happens in the world. We can’t grasp it as humans and within our fear of how it will impact us, the only thing that we can think about is who to call. This song can give you a warm perspective of it all—having someone there for you. You Know Who to Call opens with a quick drumbeat and a low singing tone followed by cymbals in the chorus with a comforting vocal range by Pink Mario. The track makes me feel like he’s setting the scene of a dystopian robotic world yet reassuring me that everything will be all right. Even through an apocalypse, this song would heal the listener. The ending of it would fit the credits of a movie with a happily ever after. Just like the kind Pink Mario wants.

Lazlo Barclay is a dream pop artist from London who goes by the stage name of Pink Mario. He is based in Berlin, which is where his career launched in 2020. Since then, he has released 2 EPs, “P1” and “Nord Kord,” 17 singles, and has had over 20 press publications in Europe. With over 700k streams from SoundCloud and Spotify, Pink Mario has played venues in Germany and the UK with pop artists like Ellie Goulding and wants to keep expanding and reaching other countries. You Know Who to Call (This Modern World) is his second single of the year.

Written by Lia Tsvetanova

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Oct 23, 2023

this is going in all my playlists

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