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"Over My Head" - Adrian Sieber | Review

Get ready for the bubbly sugar sweet world of synth pop to wash over you with Adrian Sieber's newest song "Over My Head".

This is the cutest love song. Its innocent flirty nature just begs the listener to get a clue that "yes, the flirting has been intentional and yes I want to be with you". I love the nostalgic retro quality that the more 80s dance synth brings to this song. Sieber creates something so light and fun with "Over My Head".

"After «It’s Serious» and «Slave to the Algorithm» «Over My Head» concludes my little song trilogy from last year’s lockdown on an optimistic note. It is as sweet as pop can be and produced by Gégoire Pasquier who is best known for his acclaimed synthpop project Shuttle." - Sieber

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