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Old Ways- Lucy McWilliams

Lucy McWilliams is breaking free from her past in her new single: ‘Old Ways.’

With a catchy melody that flawlessly blends soft verses and an intense chorus, this is a song that revolves entirely around transformation. Lucy describes this song best, stating: “Old Ways is about letting go of a version of yourself that you’ve grown out of. In the past, I have found it easy to get comfortable with my current situation due to my surroundings and fear of change. This song is a message to break free, whether that be from your hometown, a relationship, or just the desire for more from life. It reminds me that change is important for growth and never to forget that." The desire for something new, or something more, is one that everyone can relate to. ‘Old Ways’ harnesses that stir-crazy feeling and desire to break free perfectly.

Lucy McWilliams leans into the concept of change well, and is not strictly committed to one genre. Her music ranges from energetic alternative rock to acoustic indie-pop, and ‘Old Ways’ showcases the range of her sound beautifully. Lucy is currently planning to release her EP, Third Second Chance, On March 22nd. To solidify her effervescent sound and image, Third Second Chance is intended to showcase the journey Lucy McWilliams has been on throughout her life. Her story is just beginning, and it is bound to be one full of character. Be sure to give ‘Old Ways’ a listen!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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