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"Nomad Mixtape" - Ayelle | Album Review

In her forthcoming album, “Nomad Mixtape,” released on May 15, Ayelle truly makes it feel as though you’re wandering, but in the beauty of her artistry.

In this 12 track album, Ayelle bursts through the pop scene in her own mix of stunning vocals and complementary production, solidifying her voice among many other female pop voices. She calls her debut “Nomad Mixtape” because of her constant travel over the past few months creating this album and her upbringing in multiple places in the world. Because of these experiences, Ayelle says, “Every song on this mixtape represents a part of that journey and something I've learnt about myself, or something I’m still trying to figure out.”

“Feel It” is specifically a standout track and will capture the attention of those who are listening to her for the first time. Her dark, rich vocals blend with brighter melodic beats to flesh out this multifaceted song about the push-and-pull of an almost-relationship. She truly shows off her range, both vocally and emotionally, on this track. The production establishes a coolness to the persona she presents in “Feel It,” but the candor of her lyrics combat any lack of emotion, putting her heart on the table.

Popular sources such as Beats 1 Radio, PAPER Magazine, and Ones To Watch have expressed enthusiasm toward “Nomad Mixtape.” Beyond her upcoming album, Ayelle has distinguished herself as a person and musician by leading online workshops and writing op-eds on mental health and self-care for Women In Music, HerCampus, and SheSaidSo.

She’s signed to Universal Music Publishing as of 2019 and has been featured on multiple popular Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Chill Vibes, and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s discovery playlist.

NOMAD TRACKLIST: 1. Ayelle - 'Fast Life' 2. Ayelle - 'Overtime' 3. Ayelle x Rationale - 'What The Hell' 4. Ayelle - 'Effort' 5. Ayelle - 'The Greatest' 6. Ayelle x Rationale - 'Choice' 7. Ayelle - 'Feel It' 8. Ayelle - 'Supposed' 9. Ayelle - 'Trust' 10. Ayelle - 'Tricks' 11. Ayelle - 'Child' 12. Ayelle - 'Got Love'

Review by Tatum Jenkins, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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