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“Morally Grey” - April Jai | Review

There is something haunting about the new alt pop ballad from April Jai.

‘Morally Grey’ is that groovy dark pop track about that person you know might not be too good for you. You might be used to hearing about looking for red flags, what about when someone is morally grey? April has been taking over booktok with this new vampy track. This is the track for the antihero, the good guy gone bad, the bad guy with the heart of gold, or just the person who you can’t really make up your mind on. It’s haunting and commanding. Jai’s vocals are catchy and the tracks packs a bassline that just won’t quit.

April Jai is a UK Pop artist currently residing in London. April has released 2 original EPs as well as a stream on singles - including the TikTok viral hit "It Ends With Us" - which has moved April from "the girl with the guitar next door" to "'the queen of sad songs", as referenced by her peers and fans. April's ability to tug on emotions through her songwriting, combined with her chill pop production style gives her the key to her audience's heart.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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