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"Mesmerized" - Ben Alexander | Review

The first official release between producer Ben Alexander and singer Katrine Stenbekk, “Mesmerized” is a transcendental expression of the “deep, romantic desire” we may be fortunate enough to experience towards another person. The indie electronic track feels mysterious at the start, comparable to that exciting, terrifying stage of a brand-new relationship where the outcome is so uncertain. From there, the song swells effortlessly, reaching a peak just after Stenbekk’s alluring lyrics, “I feel the need to give in…”

The track plunges into the chorus, setting into motion quickly and resounding with a sense of urgency that feels simultaneously familiar and breathtaking. Anyone who has fallen hard and fast in love will recognize the feeling… a deep, yearning adoration where you just can’t seem to get enough. “Mesmerized” is the manifestation of that beautiful vulnerability in which you tell yourself, “I recognize that I’m in deep, and I’m just going to let it happen because it is that good.”

As the chorus progresses, Stenbekk surrenders to the sensation, relinquishing all restraint with the lyrics, “I don’t mind giving up, giving up control.” This track truly feels like an all-encompassing representation of falling in love, in the most fervent sense of the phrase. It depicts reaching that frantic apex where you allow yourself to let go, crashing through the barriers that were keeping you from plummeting.

Collectively, the hypnotic melody and ethereal lyrics illustrate how quickly and easily you can become consumed with someone, “hypnotized and transfixed on that obsession to the point where reality and control becomes absent,” further emphasizing that feeling with the predominant lyrics, “I recognize that I’m mesmerized.”

"Mesmerized" is sung by Katrine Stenbekk, the lead singer of the band "Kalandra," an alternative Nordic pop band who describe their sound as “weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes.” The song is produced by Norwegian electro pop artist, producer, and composer Ben Alexander, and can be found on his upcoming EP titled “Solace.”

If you find yourself in search of a trance-like tune that embodies the intense fascination of new love, look no further. Alexander and Stenbekk manage to create a pristine intersection between a heart-pounding club anthem and a dizzying, dreamy resonance built for a solitude experience.

Review by Lena Hageman

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