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"Make A Scene" - Dasha |Review

In her understated new release, Make a scene, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Dasha aims to make a scene for the arrival of her soon-to-come debut album.

The song is full of low-volume reverberating bass, punctuated with deep percussive elements that fill the space between Dasha’s calls to “make a scene.” The simple instrumentation on the track emphasizes Dasha’s vocals. In a tone akin to a whisper, Dasha engages the listener and invites them into a world that begs them to escape.

Make a scene is more than a phrase in this instance. It’s a command. Beyond the surface element of being stuck in a small, image-obsessed town, Dasha is getting to something more profound. Tired of the fact that the world is engaged in the voyeuristic phenomenon of the 21st century, she feels compelled to let everyone who’s watching tune into a show.

“Since all the world’s a stage/let’s give them my red lipstick/all over your skin,” Dasha whispers towards the start of the song alongside rhythmic hits from the drums. “It’s Hollywood/Let’s make sure they see/Darling, let’s make a scene.”

The upcoming single from Dasha speaks well to what is to come and is no surprise given her already impressive release history. In 2021, the singer-songwriter released her “$hiny Things” EP to hundreds of thousands of fans on tik-tok and found her way onto a series of streaming playlists like Spotify’s Night Pop and Apple Music’s Acoustic Summer. Additionally, the release placed Dasha in a series of editorial features in places like Nylon Mag, Rolling Stone India, and UPROXX.

Dasha is a San Luis Obispo, California, native and immersed herself in dance, acting, and music growing up. Since the age of 12, she has been writing and performing her music with help from her older brother and producer, Bardo (Trevor Daniel, Beauty School Dropout).

Written by,

Eli Chavez

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