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“M.E.D.H.A.N.E” - Planet Ibiza

Planet Ibiza is here with a brand new track titled “M.E.D.H.A.N.E”. This is a chilled cut with its relaxing chords, arpeggiated synths and laidback lyrics. The cadence of the vocals to me gave a dragging effect against the beat which damn near pulls the listener in.

I feel like fans of Tame Impala would enjoy this track. Listening to it while on a hike, or chillin anywhere outdoors seems to me like a great vibe. The vocals almost remind me of the lead singer of Coldplay. I feel like they have a crisp edge to them. The tone almost gives a beckoning motion or vibe. The accompaniment of the backing vocals added a nice touch.

Planet Ibiza describe themselves as being a Romantic/Lofi-Indie Rock Band. I especially like the atmosphere that they create. It just eases you into a good mood. This group hails from Stockholm Sweden and they encourage all to joy in on the romantic vibe that they give off.

I suggest you join the ride while you can.

Written by Derek Darnell.


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