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"Lovebites" - Kohla

Kohla released her latest single, “Lovebites.” With a strong influence of Maggie Rogers, “Lovebites” is a dreamy neo-soul track with angelic airy vocals and a laid-back beat.

“Lovebites” opens with Kohla’s sweet sounding voice and spacey electronic keyboard chords. A driving drum beat comes in during the first chorus and is present for the rest of the track. Kohla’s raw emotion in her vocals corresponds with the process of healing, which is conveyed throughout the whole track.

Lyrically, “Lovebites” is about healing spiritually, and emotionally after heartbreak. Kohla writes the lyrics, “Back to my roots / I pray to be happy.” She is sharing with her listeners that she may be going through heartbreak and missing the person she spent time with. However, she will eventually find inner healing.

Under the alias of Rachel Alice Johnson, Kohla is a rising singer, songwriter, and producer from Edinburgh, Scotland. She is in the midst of releasing her long-awaited album Romance on September 8, 2023. With previous album Flux, receiving abounding airplay on BBC Radio Scotland, Romance is sure to be successful.

If you’ll be in the Edinburgh area on September 9, 2023, check out Kohla’s album release performance at Sneaky Pete’s.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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